I like big hats, and I cannot lie

Hey there!

I am Samudra, a guy with a passion for building beautifully useful products that make an impact.

I am currently seeking full time opportunities at the intersection of Product Management and User Experience design, in a fast-paced, design and learning focused culture.

Present: A graduate student at the School of Information, UC Berkeley, awarded the School of Information Fellowship (the highest award for an incoming student). I am studying product management with a strong focus on user experience design.

You can learn more about my projects here.

Past: A developer at a world-leading telecom billing product, a GMAT instructor, co-founder of a “we-got-100,000-users-in-10-weeks-but-still-failed-to-get-to-product-market-fit ed-tech startup, an inbound marketer, and a PM intern at Autodesk where our intern team researched and designed one of the top new user acquisition channels for a cloud product.


Please contact me if you like my work, or have any thoughts on how I could improve it.