3000 kms. 8 days. 4 states. 2 guys. 2 bikes. 1 helluva journey.

So I could not make it to Kanyakumari from Pune on this trip. Not everyone quits their jobs just because their company did not give them leave you know? 😛

But that does not take anything away from the fact that this trip is going to be one helluva experience. A 3000+ kilometre ride is no joke. Nor is it gonna be child’s play.

Date Day Where we will be starting from
28-Sep Mon Pune
29-Sep Tues Goa
30-Sep Wed Chikmangalur
1-Oct Thurs Coimbatore
2-Oct Fri Madurai
3-Oct Saturday Rameshwaram
4-Oct Sunday Bengaluru
5-Oct Monday Bengaluru
6-Oct Monday Pune

What do we expect to see on this trip? South India in all its splendour. And ugliness. Majestic hair-pin bends. Ghost-towns. Wild-life sanctuaries. Coffee plantations. Insanely huge temples.

I will tell you all about it, if I do not get trampled by the wild elephants, mauled by the tigers and panthers and leopards or killed by the sandalwood dacoits. Or get into horrible accidents with drunk drivers. Or potatoes.

P.S. I will post regular updates on twitter. Or will try to.

  • Hitesh

    Dude…shouldn’t you give it a little more time than 8 days? For e.g. Pune to Goa on a bike in 1 day cannot be good for u…esp ur groins 😉 multiply that kind of distance coverage over 8 days and your crotch is gonna be really numb for the rest of your life…

    • I will be glad if I have something to call “my balls” by the end of this trip.

  • Ewww guys…public forum…PLEASE!!!

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