A letter to Tata Docomo

Dear Tata Docomo people

This is in follow up to this tweet.

I had purchased a Tata Docomo number last month. My number is 808-737-xxxx.

First, it took me more than a week to get the prepaid number activated. Some stupid fuckup on your backend about some distributor or something. But ok. Maybe i was unlucky. Shit happens.

But since then, the shit hit the roof, and I have decided to stop using it.

The reason for this is pretty simple – you network in Pune SUCKS. Yes, it deserves to be in CAPS, and to be shouted from the rooftops of every building in Pune.

I stay on Boat Club road, Pune. As anyone remotely familiar with Pune will tell you, it is one of the posher areas in Pune. Pin code – 411001. If you cant get your network right here, I doubt you would have the motivation to get it right anywhere else.

Just how bad was the reception at my place?

Well, I could be almost 80% sure that I would get 1 “bar” of reception, when I stood on one foot and leaned over the corner of my balcony. Dangerous? Yes. But your network left me no choice.

If I were a betting man, I could make millions out of betting against whether your network would work in my living room. Of course, I would have to first find someone to take me up on those. (Believe me, I tried.)

And about your stellar customer service, I almost have no words to describe how awesome they are. I choose “English” on the IVR, and I am greeted with “Namaskar. Bill ke baare mein jaankari ke liye.. EK dial kare….” Your customer service agents could not speak in English. I dont hold it against them. But as a pan-India company, dont you think you should give your customers a choice?

After complaining about the network twice, I did not feel any improvement was imminent. Hence, I decided to wait for Idea / Vodafone / Airtel / any random POS company who had decent voice call quality, to roll out 3G services.

Your biggest USP seems to have been the 3G rollout. But for some people like me, I guess the call quality still matters. Like I said in my tweet, you are trying to sell caviar to a starving man.

I can be reached at 976333xxxx. Yes, that is an Idea number. Yes, they have full network here, and everywhere. Yes, all the time.

One incredibly frustrated ex-customer,

Samudra Neelam Bhuyan