Experiment 1 Logs : Day 1

The day was going exceptionally well. I had finished most of the things on my list (there were quite a few), and I was happy with the progress. [Some things I could not do because of external limitations (for some reason I had thought ICICI is open on Saturdays, etc), but that is acceptable to me.]

Until I got completely blindsided by a request from my father, which was a considerable demand on my time, and then another, and then another, and then another… you get the picture.

By the time I regained control over my own time, I had “spent” 7 hours without any productive work. Which COMPLETELY demotivated me, and I proceeded to spend the next 3 hours not even looking at the list.

As stupid as that sounds, I realize that that was a mistake. I should have constantly looked at the list of things to do, and proceeded to tick off as many items as I could have.

The day is not yet over, for me. After dinner, I will spend some time working on one of the 2 major things left on my to do list. I don’t really care if I finish “the task”, but I WILL mark it as a success if I can devote 1 hour of complete attention to it, without any distractions.

I have to devise another way to protect myself from distracting demands on my time from people whom I cannot say no to.

Overall, a medium success with a lesson hopefully learnt.