Experiment 1 Logs : Day 3

Horrible day. Sucked donkey’s ass.

I wasted a lot of time today. Finished a couple of the things that I knew I had to do, and did finish the most critical ones (the ones which if I didnt finish today, would have various tangibly negative effects on me).

I think the root of the problem today, lies in yesterday.

Yesterday was fun, and long. And since I crashed at some friends’ place, I was not able to complete the 5 steps I said I would do every night:

  1. Put everything away in its proper place.
  2. 10 minutes journaling the day’s work. Not more. And no “just thinking about it”. I’m gonna write it down in a notepad.
  3. Review projects and plan the next day.
  4. Sit and watch breath for 10 minutes.
  5. Visualize how amazing it would feel, to be able to accomplish everything on that list of things to do the next day. Smile, knowing you are going to feel that great in 24 hours.

Not doing these steps resulted in me having absolutely no motivation for the things I had to do today. Although I “knew in my head” what were the important things I had to do today, not “seeing” them infront of me in some tangible way resulted in me not taking them seriously.

Not going to happen again.