Creating culture

In light of the scandal surrounding “News of the World”, NewsCorp and the Murdochs, the importance of corporate culture has again been brought into the limelight. All of them obviously have built a corporate culture which rewards cut-throat competitiveness, money, power and greed.

In contrast to that, Netflix and Reed Hastings have created a culture that believes in the 9 core values of judgement, communication, impact, curiosity, innovation, courage, passion, honesty and selflessness. These were very aptly summed up in Reed’s 126 slideshow – which detailed the seven core aspects of their culture. The slideshow itself is commendable for its openness. But even more remarkable is the fact that Netflix have grown to be a $1.67 billion, 2000+ employee company, while still controlling and remaining true to their culture.

I believe there is a lesson to be learnt there.

Netflix – Culture