Push vs. pull

I have a difficult choice to make.

I have always loved the technical challenges of programming. I would call myself a decent programmer, having not built anything truly great because I have not spent enough time on any problem worth that kind of attention.

Of late, I find myself more and more attracted to new technologies, especially ones that enable humans to interact with computers in new and unique ways. Ones that enable computers to influence and improve the lives of the users.

I also find myself having to force myself away from learning those new languages, frameworks and what have you, because they need an investment of time and effort that I just cannot afford any more.

With my current role in Examify, I have been thrown into the deep end of the pool, without any instructions or floats. You are expected to learn whatever is required to get the job done, and by the time you get the job done, there is more waiting to be learnt and gotten done. But there is never a time when you can afford to go deep into one field, and become an expert.

On one hand, I want to go deeper into Human Computer Interaction and designing new products. But on the other hand, I would also do everything to make sure Examify succeeds.

On one hand, I would really love to become an expert at one thing. On the other hand, there is a valid argument to be made for being an expert of nothing.

And I don’t think these two forces can be reconciled. At least not yet.