My Work


I started paying attention to photographs only around 2001, and started learning photography seriously only around 2007 (which of course means I discovered that there were modes on my camera other than “Auto”). I have been learning everyday (and I know there is a long way to go) but I have been happy with the results so far.

If you like what you see on this site, and want to engage me for a shoot, please do get in touch with me.

“Other Work”

Having finished my graduation in engineering in the subject of Information Technology, I worked for 2 years as a Subject Matter Expert (sounds important, no?) in Amdocs India, where I handled design, implementation and testing of many CRs for an Indonesian and a Canadian client. In between those amazingly long hours and longer onsite trips, I managed to vacation in Bali and Thailand. And make my company pay for it 😉

Mid 2009, I found myself drifting further away from my life goals, and hence I quit in August 2009. And started my own company (along with a partner) dealing in consulting and implementating open source software for Small and Medium Enterprises (sounds important, no?).

When things in that direction started unraveling, fate brought me another opportunity in a direction I had never imagined – teaching. I started as a GMAT instructor with GMAT Toppers in April 2010, and enjoyed every bit of it. I started off handling Critical Reasoning, but was soon handling topics in Quantitative Reasoning as well. This apart from handling all the IT and online marketing for the same.

Currently, I am engaged in yet again trying to become bankrupt. Or in other words, starting an e-learning products company. Get in touch with me to know more.