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A Penny For My ADD Thoughts

If I wrote a book, it would be called APFMAT. And I’d sell it for a penny.

I wonder what I would write in it maybe I will write about me wondering what it must be like in other people’s heads I was watching Legion the other day and wished I was a telepath like the main character what an awesome show that is turning out to be I hope they don’t screw it up like they did Heroes so far it looks very promising I especially like the sound design and the camerawork like in that scene where they reveal that things are not really what they seem to be and he is actually being interrogated by not-a-cop I kept trying to remember where I had seen that actor before and realized he had played the disgraced journalist in The Newsroom man Aaron Sorkin has an amazing writing staff that reminds me I have to watch The West Wing it is supposed to be the best tv show about politics ever speaking of which why is Rahul Gandhi such an easy target he really needs to hire a better branding and PR team –


– what does she want now oh damn I had said I’d be done by 5pm what is the time now where is my phone –

Hey Siri what is the time?
The time is 5:21 PM.

oh what the fuck how is it 5:21pm already have I been in the shower for 40 minutes now what the fuck ok I need to hurry up we are going to be so late she is going to be super-pissed and I bett –

We are going to be so late! Are you finished with your shower?

Yes I am! 2 minutes!

2 minutes always reminds me of Maggi man what nostalgia I still remember those days in Don Bosco Guwahati when they would host the Maggi Quizes and we would all get free Maggi but the lines would be so long that as soon as we would get our small plates of free Maggi we would go straight to the back of the line and eat the Maggi in hand while we waited in the line for the next one man those were fun days