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Spoiler Free Review of My Favorite Tv Police Procedural Comedy Episode Ever

Brooklyn Nine Nine S05 E14 has got to be one of the best TV Comedy episodes ever.

It’s about triumph of Good over Evil. It’s about honest cops getting the bad guy using legal means.

It’s about a lovely pseudo-parent-child relationship. It’s about a person who wants the approval of their parent-figure.

It’s funny. It constantly keeps you sniggering at a pace that is the right sniggering pace. And it has an inside joke that the characters laugh at, unlike most other jokes in this series, maybe even all comedy shows, which are at some character’s expense.

It’s about good acting. These actors have their comic timing so right, you could set a clock by it.

It’s a murder mystery.

Even though it does break the usual detective story tradition that the audience is given the clues, from which a logical solution to the problem can be reached, at the exact same time at which they are given to the sleuth, who then deduces the solution from a more logical re-interpretation of those same clues than the audience themselves were capable of.

It’s about being very clever. The bad guy is clever, but the good guy is cleverer.

And it’s very clever. The twist at the end, about being very clever, does leave you satisfied with its cleverness.

It’s very good writing by Luke Del Tredici and team.